4 paw prints

Almost Home Animal Rescue NI

Toot and Tori

Successfully Rehomed! 

I’ve left Almost Home and gone to live with my new people.  Will you help some of my friends get new homes too?  Their pictures are at the bottom of my page. Scroll down and have a look.

Little Toot and his sister Tori were handed in as strays, they had been living on a farm

Toot is so friendly whilst his sister tori is the shyer girl.

They would love to find an indoor home together.

No children under 12 due to Tori being shy

I have lived with dogs

Toot and Tori

Other s also looking for their new homes...

Kittens ready to go home
Jen and Angie
Honey and Lola
Gina and Levi
Bella and Bryn
Henrietta, Hames and Charles
Daniel, Adam, Ezekiel, Gideon, Benjamin, Elijah, Jacob, Judas and Noah
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