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2024 Almost Home Calendars now on sale

Our 2024 Calendar has arrived!! 

We had hundreds of calendar competition entries this year and judging was harder than ever.

Please  support us by purchasing one (or more!) today.  

They will make great gifts for all animal lovers.   When purchasing you can optionally specify an alternate address for delivery, making this a nice ‘surprise’ gift option.


Successfully Rehomed! 

I’ve left Almost Home and gone to live with my new people.  Will you help some of my friends get new homes too?  Their pictures are at the bottom of my page. Scroll down and have a look.

This homing appeal is a special one.

🐾Lana is one of the mums from our maternity unit last year. Little Laurie’s mum in fact 😻.
🐾Lana was straying before she arrived with us and as such is not used to human company.
🐾Lana is fearful of people but she is not wicked. She is unlikely to ever want to sit on your lap or be cuddled. She has gotten used to fending for herself. 💔
🐾Due to her nature Lana needs a special home – somewhere with safe access to land for her to explore.
🐾However, she will also need a warm, sheltered place to call her own – a cosy bed and a nice bowl of food.

At Almost Home we have had plenty of experience with semi-feral and feral cats. Some of our more frightened kitties have went off to homes where they live as barn cats and a few months down the line have ended up curled up on their owners laps! In other cases they have never learned to love human affection but their new owners enjoy watching them embrace their wild side whilst running around keeping pests at bay.

We cannot always predict how cats like Lana will fair in a home of their own but they still deserve a chance at a full life out of rescue.

If you are able to give Lana a better life please apply via the link below.

I have lived with dogs


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