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Almost Home Animal Rescue NI

Floyd and Flora

Successfully Rehomed! 

I’ve left Almost Home and gone to live with my new people.  Will you help some of my friends get new homes too?  Their pictures are at the bottom of my page. Scroll down and have a look.

2 of the sweetest kittens.


This pair found themselves brought to the rescue with mum when they were very young.


We received a call asking for help as their mum had become aggressive towards the family dog.


The people who owned said they were going to open the door and throw them all out.


Floyd took Sick shortly after arriving, lots of vet tests followed, antibiotics and a chest X-ray which showed one lung was partially collapsed. It was touch and go for our boy.


After 4 weeks on steroids and meds Floyd had another X-ray which showed that capacity had not decreased or increased.


We are looking for a very special home for Floyd and his sister.


Indoor only for this pair, a quiet settled home with no young children.


Floyd may not have a normal life span, but we still believe he deserves to have the best that life can offer him.


He’s the sweetest boy and flora is the sweetest girl.


Can you offer this special pair a super special home.

I have lived with dogs

Floyd and Flora

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