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Almost Home Animal Rescue NI


Beautiful Bella

Bella arrived into our care a few days ago, she’s 13 years old and the prettiest, friendliest girl.

Bella recently became ill and when diabetes was detected through blood tests her family could no longer keep her.

Our lovely vet asked Bella’s owners to contact us and here she is.

Her diabetics is controlled by 2 daily injections of insulin 12 hours apart.

She’s on special diabetic food and is fed twice a day.

Ongoing treatment would be around £40 per month and would not be covered by insurance.

We would like to find a special, quiet home for this wonderful older lady.

Her whole world has turned upside down.

We would be looking for

  • A quiet indoor only home
  • Preferable experience with Looking after an insulin dependent pet.

I have lived with dogs


I'd like to offer Bella a new home

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